Why are sedans more comfortable than suv?

The seating position in a sedan is lower than that of an SUV, and the body tends to steer much more sharply during cornering. This makes driving a sedan a more comfortable experience, especially if you normally drive on winding roads. Does it all depend on what you need, power or comfort? So what do you want? Comfort or adventure. The sedan is more comfortable and generates less noise.

Everyone feels better in a sedan. In short, sedans have a lower center of gravity, a more balanced suspension configuration, and are more aerodynamic. For example, a sedan is more comfortable than an SUV. The traditional 4-door sedan has only 1 row of rear seats.

Leg room is generally larger in an SUV as well. However, in terms of pure seat comfort, sedans tend to have more support and comfort. They are also usually easier to climb for both the front and rear seats. In my experience, I've traveled in a lot of SUVs and never had the level of comfort I get with my Dzire Sedan.

Basically, bought for their comfort, attractive performance, and reliability, most sedans have been favorites for decades. Ask an experienced car owner and they'll probably tell you that a sedan is more reliable on the road because of its aerodynamics. Let's face it, certain sedan models are better equipped to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds than a typical SUV. If you move up the food chain, the most luxurious cars in the world are all sedans and that's for a reason.

If you look at the support of less than 25 laps, you can choose between some good sedans and some good value 7-seater SUVs, such as the Mahindra and Tata models. Perhaps because sedans are designed to be closer to the ground, they offer relatively more stability than SUVs, especially when traveling at high speeds. SUVs like Creta, Duster and Harrier definitely have plenty of trunk space, but wait, sedans like the Ciaz, Verna and Octavia offer you almost the same, if not more, for a lower price. This also allows for a much longer range if you have to travel a lot and don't want to top it off, the longest range is a Jaguar XF 20d with a 42 mpg road rating and a 17.4 gallon tank, and yes, it's a sedan.

Meanwhile, several sedan models also come with cruise control technology that can easily maintain vehicle speed for the driver. The SUV offers better comfort than sedans under 25 lakh budget; this is also something that is left to the individual's choice, but I think the Skoda Octavia and Honda Civic or even the Hyundai Elantra offer better comfort than the Creta, the Seltos or the MG Hector. When you compare sedans and SUVs above 30 lakh, the competition is fierce and the debate may never end, but when you compare SUVs, compact SUVs and sedans under 25 lakh, then the result is very clear and sedans always come out in the lead. The reality is often disappointing and yes, due to the horrible roads in India, an SUV may lead you to believe that it is a good buy, but sedans are not far behind and not everyone scrapes their bellies on every speed breaker.

Even better, the available storage area is much larger than what is normally available in the trunk of a sedan. But if you live in a city or town, then a sedan is easier to live with, easier to park and cost-effective.