Are sedans more expensive to insure?

Car insurance for sedans Sedans are among the least expensive cars to insure, with average rates cheaper than those for SUVs and luxury cars. One of the main reasons smaller SUVs have lower premiums is that collision claims and comprehensive claims are less expensive. This type of coverage pays for repairs or replacement of your vehicle, and costs are generally higher for more expensive SUVs. Larger cars, including trucks and SUVs, are generally more expensive to insure.

However, small crossover SUVs have some of the cheapest insurance rates compared to compact vehicles. As for the difference between insuring an SUV and a sedan, an SUV is more likely to have a beneficial impact on your collision coverage, since it is more likely to withstand a collision. Whereas a sedan could equal lower liability premiums than an SUV. According to Allstate, some SUVs and cars may be cheaper to insure than others, based on their safety ratings and equipment as well.

Less expensive insurance is a good reason to consider buying a sedan. Because older and more experienced drivers often have sedans, insurance rates for this class of vehicles tend to be cheaper. The humble & Davenport Insurance explains that because sedans are often owned by drivers with families, automakers install more safety features on them. Coupes are smaller and leave less room for airbags and other important safety features that insurers consider when providing coverage.

Another advantage of buying a sedan is that these vehicles tend to be less expensive. While you can easily call or go online and get quotes from several insurance companies regarding a quote for the sedan or SUV you're interested in, it's a good idea to know how insurance companies calculate premium amounts for each car. However, having a safer car doesn't always mean a lower insurance premium, but it never hurts if the SUV or sedan you're buying has an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award. When comparing general car insurance premiums between sedans and SUVs, the cheapest premiums you could find would probably be those for a utility vehicle.

Although rates vary by driver, location, and car, on average, most drivers pay more for coupe insurance than sedan insurance. Similarly, the big difference is between vehicle types, i.e. between a midsize sedan and crossover SUV, or a compact car and minivan instead from among similar car brands. Many car insurance companies charge more to insure coupes because they consider coupes to be higher-risk vehicles than sedans and consider the people who own them to be higher-risk drivers.

To give you an example of some insurance premiums, The Zebra compiled this list of sedans and SUVs along with their corresponding premiums. It's pretty easy to see that any of these common SUV models are cheaper to insure annually than their sedan counterparts.