What sedan holds it value the best?

When it comes to holding its value over time, the choice of sedan can greatly impact a buyer's investment. Sedans known for their durability, reliability, and brand reputation tend to retain their value well. Among these options, some models have stood out as strong contenders. In Australia, where car maintenance is crucial, considering services offered by ceramic coating experts can further enhance a sedan's value retention. Applying ceramic coatings not only protects a vehicle's exterior but also contributes to its overall longevity, contributing to maintaining the vehicle's value. So, when looking for a sedan that holds its value well, it's worth considering both the car's reputation and investing in services that keep it in pristine condition for years to come.

Finding a good car that maintains its value means that the car will do the right thing for you, even when it's time to move on. With so many good sedans on the market, we decided to figure out which models will provide the most performance when the owner changes or sells it. Naturally, we turned to Kelley Blue Book and its annual Best Resale Value awards. These awards examine every car on the market and use data to calculate how much of its original value is worth, both at 36 months and 60 months.

To find cars that fit a variety of budgets, we looked for the best performing sedans in each class. Here are 10 of the best sedans that hold their value. The vehicles that best maintain their value after five years of use are the Porsche 911, the Kia Rio, the Mazda3, the Honda Civic and the GMC Canyon. The Porsche earns a place on the list thanks to a long list of models and special finishes that depreciate little (or even appreciate in value, in some cases).

With standard all-wheel drive, commendable safety ratings and good fuel economy, the Subaru Impreza has a lot to offer. Available in sedan and hatchback body styles, it also retains its value and is the only non-premium or performance car on this list. We would like Subaru to update the list of standard features of the Impreza to update its offering in the compact segment. However, it's a great option for people who want their car to maintain its value over time.

Although the people at AMG don't build an A-Class with the CLA45's 382 hp turbo-four, the A35 is a sweet little sports sedan in its own right. The Charger is a large sedan at an affordable price (at least in its basic form), and it offers a lot of fun upgrades, meaning it can deliver a “light” muscle car experience, whether you're on a budget or can afford to go as much as possible. The Maxima is a large sedan that's a great choice for buyers who like a little more room to stretch out, and among its many sought-after features is an easy-to-use infotainment system that now includes Apple CarPlay as standard equipment. The Lexus IS, a compact luxury sedan, is often criticized for aiming for, but not achieving, performance on par with competitors in Germany.

Meanwhile, this affordable, fully redesigned compact sedan offers excellent safety ratings and competitive fuel economy estimates, along with standard all-wheel drive, meaning it's value for money both now and in the future. Admittedly, the Avalon isn't exactly exciting, but that's why it's a smart choice for sedan buyers. The Volkswagen Jetta is still a much more affordable way to drive a genuine German-engineered sedan than choosing a model of the same size Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz. The C63 is the smallest sedan offered by AMG's thunderous twin-turbo V-8 and becomes a bullish beast that punishes any cannon road.

If you want an E-Class sedan and hope to limit the effects of depreciation, you'll have to opt for the Mercedes-AMG E63 and its ruling twin-turbo V-8 on motorways. While it also comes standard with four-wheel drive, the Impreza offers a wider model line that includes sedans and subcompact wagons. It's a spacious and quiet luxury sedan that may not have the dynamics of a Porsche or a Mercedes-AMG product, but its comfortable handling and luxurious interior will be appreciated by those looking for comfort rather than the ability to carve cannons. The Honda Civic line covers sedans and hatchbacks, in versions ranging from soft to wild.