Who makes sedan cars?

Discover and compare the best sedans by model year. View prices, gas mileage, and consumer ratings, or select individual vehicles to get an in-depth look at their specifications and features. Manufacturers who have supported sedans have worked hard to release impressive new machines or make major upgrades to old ones. To beat these triumphant sports sedans around the world, the CT5-V Blackwing offers more than just horsepower; it also offers brilliant handling and handling to accompany its brutal acceleration.

All models feature standard active safety features and infotainment technology, and the sedan's attractive interior is enhanced by a spacious rear seat. More Americans are choosing vans and SUVs than ever before, and after this year, only one automaker will produce large sedans. Rivals like the Genesis G70 offer better value for money, and the Alfa Romeo Giulia is a sexier alternative, but no other sports sedan has the bandwidth of the Bimmer. The A8's style is expertly designed to look sleek yet sober, and fans of smaller A4 and A6 sedans will find the A8 attractive.

While its competition has gotten tougher this year, the Elantra is a must-have vehicle if you're looking for a compact sedan. While the big-bodied sedan feels less agile than the smaller models in BMW's M car portfolio, it has the athleticism and hardware to stand firm on a track. For the purposes of this discussion, we will stick with the more conventional understanding of a full-size sedan. Keep in mind that this only applies to the economy segment, the luxury market can still cater to customers who want ultra-spacious sedans.

That means that, by 2024, there won't be a single full-size economy sedan left in the entire market. This pint-sized sports sedan certainly looks good, and we're happy to report that the fun-to-drive nature that made the next-gen car so impressive is also alive and well here. Offered as a sedan and hatchback, it can be equipped with optional all-wheel drive, a powerful turbo engine, and enough exclusive features for small Audi, BMW and Benzes to take it seriously. Sure, the sedan formerly known as the Kia Optima isn't about to usurp its eternal rival, the Honda Accord, but the K5's list of popular teams and friendly prices make it a great value move.

But, as compact and medium-sized cars continue to grow and the market moves more towards electrification, it makes sense that oversized, gasoline-consuming, non-crossover sedans continue to disappear. The EPA classifies a full-size (large) sedan as any car with more than 120 cubic feet of combined interior volume, passenger volume and cargo.